Robert Pattinson Is MTV News' #6 Man Of The Year

RPattz expanded on his success in 2009 with a red-carpet-stealing Oscars appearance and the record-shattering 'New Moon.'

Which stars had the biggest year? All this week, we'll be unveiling our top nine men and women of 2009, counting down to the #1 man and woman on Friday.

6. Robert Pattinson

In 2009, all eyes were on RPattz. Despite only releasing one movie, there were few people whose face sold more magazines, whose every word made more of a ripple and whose public appearances caused such a stir. Under such pressure, a lot of 23-year-old actors would end up getting into trouble, indulging to the point of excess and disappointing their fans. But somehow, the uniquely suited-for-stardom Robert Pattinson took it all with a good-natured grin and self-deprecating charm. In "Twilight" and beyond, his future seems so bright that he'll likely be sparkling for quite some time.

2009 Highlights: We all know Rob had a busy 2009, and everybody had their own thoughts on what he should do after "Twilight." Few saw his first move coming, however, as he dropped out of the indie flick "Parts Per Billion," leaving producer/star Rosario Dawson sad but promising the show would go on. In February, he showed up at the Oscars and stole attention away from stars as big as Brad and Angelina. Despite expressing fears that he might become "Twilighted out" while shooting "New Moon" and "Eclipse" back-to-back, he nevertheless got back to work as Edward Cullen.


9. Eminem

8. Drake

7. Kanye West

6. Robert Pattinson

5. Lil Wayne

4. Taylor Lautner

3. Adam Lambert

2. Jay-Z

1. Michael Jackson

At the MTV Movie Awards, Rob unveiled a new trailer from "New Moon," Kristen Stewart left him longing for a cold shower, and he cracked up watching KStew fumble her trophy. During an exclusive interview, he promised that "New Moon" would look "amazing." Rob later returned for the Video Music Awards alongside Kristen and Taylor Lautner and helped raise eyebrows with their fashionable duds.

Despite rumors that his reduced screen presence in "New Moon" would keep him away, Rob made a surprise appearance at San Diego's Comic-Con to show off footage from the movie, reflect on a hallucinating Bella and hang out with the geeks. Things sure were a lot different than they were a year ago — even if Rob insisted he's stayed the same.

In the midst of all the hype, rumors and insanity, Rob actually managed to make movement on some non-"Twilight" movies in 2009. His romantic drama "Remember Me," opposite Emilie de Ravin, had a memorable time shooting in New York, which appears to have left him brooding after that time he was almost killed by a taxi — or barely grazed, depending on whom you ask. He also signed on to "Unbound Captives," a western co-starring Rachel Weisz that offered Rob the chance to play a character who "can't really be more different from Edward." He also signed on to "Bel Ami," a film that pits him opposite Uma Thurman as a "totally immoral character."

A Look Back On Robert Pattinson's 2009

But all that paled in comparison to when he hit the "New Moon" premiere, looking fashionable as he greeted the fans and talked about the good and bad parts of being, well, him. Fans freaked out when he hit the Hot Topic tour opening night, and in a very revealing Rough Cut with MTV News, he spoke about his lack of endorsement deals, why "New Moon" is his favorite "Twilight" book, what he loves about Kristen and Edward's annoying habit of parking his Volvo across multiple parking spaces.

To make a long story short, "New Moon" had a record-shattering opening and became one of the biggest films of 2009. Now, with Taylor Lautner hosting "Saturday Night Live," we continue to hope that RPattz can't be far behind — so let the guy write a sketch already! Edward might be a jerk, but of all the dudes who hang out in our office on a regular basis, Rob will always remain our favorite seasonal vegetable.

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