Quentin Tarantino Says Third 'Kill Bill' Film Will Have Different Title

'It would be Volume 3 of the story of the Bride,' writer/director tells us of the franchise.

In all the talk about a third installment of Quentin Tarantino's martial-arts opus "Kill Bill," little attention has been paid — um, almost 6-year-old spoiler alert? — to one tiny fact: Bill does in fact get killed at the end of Volume 2. One would assume it'd be difficult, or at least require some nifty storytelling trickery, to title a film after a character that already has already been axed.

We posed just this question to Quentin Tarantino in a recent interview, because as far as we can tell, the writer/director has not addressed the title issue.

"It wouldn't be 'Kill Bill,' " Tarantino confirmed to us. "It would be Volume 3 of the story of the Bride."

The Bride, of course — that highly trained killing machine who exacts her revenge on Bill — is played by Uma Thurman. At the end of Volume 2, the Bride (or Beatrix, as we've come to know her) is reunited with her daughter and seemingly living happily ever after. She's a character Thurman and Tarantino essentially created together, and when MTV News spoke with the actress in October, she said she'd chatted with Tarantino about the new movie but wasn't sure if he had actually started work on the script.

"There's no script; there are just ideas and notes," Tarantino said. "I won't do that next, but it could very well be the thing I do after next."

What gave the director a giggle is that all this "Kill Bill" talk has taken off now based on some comments he made during an Italian press conference in the fall. In fact, Tarantino has long said he planned to take 10 years off before returning to the Bride.

"We're getting there," he laughed. "We're about one movie away."

So to summarize: there's no script, the movie most definitely is going to happen, and it won't be called "Kill Bill."

"There's a lot of idle talk going on out there," Tarantino continued. "At the same time, though, it's what I've been saying from the beginning. That cracks me up, because somebody asked me about it in one of my overseas trips and I said it. And on the Tarantino archives Web page there was all this stuff and the leader of the [site] goes, 'Ah guys. This is everything he's always said. It's just getting closer to 10 years. That's all!' "