Chris Brown's Vocals Removed From Timbaland's Shock Value II

Brown was to be featured on a song called 'The One I Love.'

[artist id="503162"]Timbaland[/artist] has removed [artist id="1961441"]Chris Brown[/artist]'s vocals from a track that will appear on his upcoming album, Shock Value II, which is slated to drop December 8. A spokesperson for Brown said, "It was a mutually creative decision for both," not elaborating on what spurred the seemingly last-minute excising of the track formerly known as "Maniac."

An unidentified source close to Brown told TMZ that the vocals from the singer — who pleaded guilty in June to felony assault in connection with his attack on former girlfriend Rihanna in February — were taken off Tim's album due to the "drama" surrounding Brown.

A spokesperson for Timbaland told MTV News that Brown was cut out of the song as a result of a mutual "decision, since both artists were at the time working on their solo projects," adding, "Chris is a friend to us." The spokesperson did not elaborate on what caused the removal and when the decision was made.

Rapper D.O.E., who also appears on the song, told TMZ that the name of the tune, originally called "Maniac," was changed because "some people" didn't think it was a good idea to have Brown's name attached to a song with that title. Brown's album, Graffiti, is slated for release on the same day as Shock Value II.

Brown has been on the comeback trail since the backlash from his assault on Rihanna and is currently a few dates into a Fan Appreciation Tour, which hits Detroit on Wednesday night.