50 Cent Sees Himself Settling Down With A Family 'At The Right Time'

But for now, he's a certified bachelor, chatting with MTV News about Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry and Megan Fox.

50 Cent gets very domesticated in his video for "Baby by Me." He has a wife (played by Kelly Rowland) and the three kids (triplet boys), and he flips burgers on the grill after a hard day at work.

Fif said the role wasn't too much of a stretch.

"I would actually yell at Kelly," Fif laughed. "I'd be like, 'You don't do nothing right. I told you to have one baby and you had three! You don't do nothing right!' "

Getting more serious, 50 said he seriously thinks about settling down.

"I think it could happen," he said. "You know, it has to be at the right time. I mean, you see Em make a decision to go home. He didn't want to wake up one morning and Hailie be grown. You know, your life in general, you gotta make choices at different points."

Fif is living the life of a bachelor for now. He said the last celebrity woman that made him say, "Damn!," because she looked so good, was his "Home of the Brave" co-star.

"Jessica Biel. Her body is like, 'Wooo-wooo,' " 50 said, making a bottle shape with his hands.

When asked to choose between Biel and Megan Fox, Fif was stumped for a few seconds. "That's a toss-up," he said. "Ummmm ... Megan Fox."

When it came to Fox or Halle Berry, 50 didn't have to think about it. "Halle Berry," he answered without hesitation.

Then came a tough question: Catwoman or Mrs. Smith? "Angelina Jolie?" 50 asked. "Angelina!"

Fif — who did say Halle was his all-time favorite beauty — could not decide between Jolie and Katy Perry.

" Angelina got all those kids from all those different countries," he laughed. "Got a lot to deal with."