'New Moon' Cast Reveal Their Favorite Scenes

Taylor Lautner is 'intoxicating,' Nikki Reed says.

NEW YORK — "New Moon" fans will probably walk out of theaters this weekend with a concrete idea of which scene is their favorite. And, as it turns out, it's no different for the stars of the flick. Some favor the vampy scenes, while others still can't get over Taylor Lautner's magnetism.

"I liked when Jacob transforms into the werewolf," Peter Facinelli revealed to MTV News. "When I was reading the book — I mean, your imagination goes so far, and I was like, 'I can't wait to see that in the film,' and it didn't disappoint."

Facinelli also loved getting to see the scene with the film's soundtrack worked in. "I saw an early cut of it, and I loved that cut," he explained. "And it was pretty similar, except it had all the music laid into it. I've been listening to the soundtrack, so it's been pretty cool."

Fellow Cullen Ashley Greene flew her Team Jacob flag by highlighting the wolf fights. "I think that I like the wolf fight. You never know how those are going to turn out with the CGI. I think it turned out very well," she said, adding that evil vamps Jane and Aro are also cool.

"I was obviously there filming it and kind of saw the way Michael Sheen commanded the room, and he's so fantastic to watch and be across from," she added. "So I wanted to see how they came across on film, and I thought that it was a very cool scene."

It seems that more Cullens are also jumping on the Jacob bandwagon. Kellan Lutz added, "The first time I saw it, it wasn't 100-percent done, so the werewolves were still clay-mation. But the wolf fighting, it's awesome. It really is pretty cool."

Nikki Reed may be Lutz's partner onscreen, but in real life she had to admit that seeing any scene with Lautner in the film stands out as her favorite. "Anything with Taylor in it!" she said. "I always believed in Taylor, but I didn't know how much he would shine, and he truly is a star. And I've never seen such a gorgeous young man do an entire seen with his shirt off and you don't even notice. He's intoxicating!"