Taylor Lautner Hopes Fans Dig The 'New Moon' Werewolves

'It was really exciting to see them for the first time,' he tells MTV News of CGI beasts.

NEW YORK — It's no secret by now that in "New Moon," Taylor Lautner spends a good part of his time either shirtless or as a CGI werewolf. So when it came time to see himself transform into an animal, he was pleased with the results.

"I don't know if [fans will] be shocked, because if you've read the books, you know what you're going to see, but I really hope they enjoy the werewolves," he told MTV News on the red carpet at the NYC screening of "New Moon" on Thursday night. "It was really exciting to see them for the first time."

And if seeing Lautner shirtless in "New Moon" weren't enough excitement for Twilighters, then seeing all the love-triangle action play out in "Eclipse" will certainly pique the fans' already-heightened interest. " 'Eclipse' was my favorite book, so it was a lot of fun filming," he said. "My favorite scene in the entire series is the tent scene, where the three of us are together. And it's gonna be really fun. There's a lot of comedy in 'Eclipse.' "

Much like Lautner, Pattinson and Stewart expressed how excited they are to further dive into the romantic entanglements of Bella, Jacob and Edward. "I think Bella's little bit of treachery in the third one will be ... I think it's going to be a good scene," Pattinson said.

Stewart added: "I'm looking forward to seeing the love triangle actually becoming a problem. We sort of innocently touch on it in 'New Moon,' but it actually becomes something that is very, very real."

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