Robert Pattinson Can't Figure Out Why He's So Sexy

'I'm kind of self-obsessed and kind of only about negative stuff,' the 'New Moon' stars says.

Robert Pattinson might be one of the sexiest men on the face of the planet, but he doesn't really understand what people see in him. In fact, the very idea of looking at his appearance in a positive way makes him want to cringe.

"Favorite feature? I'm, like, 'Weird,' 'cause I'm kind of self-obsessed and kind of only about negative stuff," he told MTV at the London junket for "New Moon." " ... In saying something positive, I'll hate myself even more."

Despite their onscreen rivalry, [movieperson id="365131"]Pattinson[/movieperson] promised Twilighters that there's no heartthrob battle erupting between him and [movieperson id="373803"]Taylor Lautner[/movieperson]. "It's funny, 'cause we're quite opposite people in a lot of ways, but I get on with him really well," he said. "It's really funny how this rivalry thing happened. ... For one thing, I can't fight it out with Taylor. In the movie, yeah ,[I have abs]. That was awhile back."

In fact, the co-stars are such good real-life friends that while shooting the film together, they became gym buddies. "He made me go to the gym for pretty much the first time in my life" he revealed. "And more consistently than I've ever done. But I think I went a little too late."

Their friendship has inspired Pattinson to choose Team Werewolf over Team Vampire. "I think my mentality suits it more," he said. "I'm always so annoyed with myself when I get really, really angry. ... So it'd be much easier if I turned into this massive dog."

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