The Clipse, Cam'ron Snack On Fried Chicken For 'Popular Demand' Clip

It may be Obama Fried Chicken, not Popeye's, but the guerrilla-style video shoot in Brooklyn was a success.

As of late, the Clipse have been flooding the game with something a little different from their typical subject matter. The past few weeks, the Brothers Thornton have released videos for their "I'm Good" remix with Rick Ross and the gritty street record "Doorman."

The Virginia duo re-upped on Monday (November 16), debuting another video, "Popular Demand (Popeye's)," featuring Cam'ron. Pusha T told MTV News last month that the video would continue their trend of videos shot guerrilla-style, because they technically weren't allowed to shoot in New York.

"We're going to have to do something else guerilla and renegade, because there's problem in NYC about shooting videos and being a rapper," Pusha explained. "If you're a rapper, you just can't shoot videos."

Though he had worried they'd have to shoot in Connecticut, the video looks like it was ultimately shot in Brooklyn — you can see the 3 train's Sutter Ave. and Rutland Rd. stop in the background. Malice and Pusha also managed to recruit Killa Cam for the video which features all three of them rapping and eating with a crowd at Obama Fried Chicken (rather than the Popeye's the lyrics suggest).

The Clipse, who will be performing with both Rick Ross and Cam at the mtvU Woodie Awards on Wednesday night, said this was their second attempt to collaborate with Cam'ron.

"That was the wild part about it, because when 'Grindin' came out, [Cam'ron's] 'Oh Boy' was crazy too," Pusha said, describing how Cam declined to be on their "Grindin' " remix. Malice added that this time around, Cam was about the business from the jump: "He definitely made sure you pay him first before he makes a move. Straight up!"

The "Popular Demand" video is slightly more upbeat than their "Doorman" clip, which is filled with dark scenes of drug activity (and actually features a shot of an article about their manager being charged with leading a $10 million drug ring). "The Clipse done been through a lot, and we lost a lot of family — and when I say family, I mean, like, people that were down with us, near and dear to our heart, entourage, people that helped build this whole Clipse thing up together," Malice said. "We've been through a lot, but we still like to celebrate."

Pusha warned that the group will continue to flood the game with more material, from a mixtape to even more viral content in November, leading up to the December 8 release of Till the Casket Drops. "The levees are about to break."