Hot Boys Reunion Stalled By Legal Issues, Jail Time

With Turk currently incarcerated and Lil Wayne and B.G. facing prison sentences, the reunion could be on hold for a bit.

If it were just about the music, the long-awaited [artist id="509065"]Hot Boys[/artist] reunion probably would have already happened. All four members — [artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne[/artist], [artist id="500935"]B.G.[/artist], [artist id="508213"]Juvenile[/artist] and the currently incarcerated Turk — seem to be onboard. There are even some unreleased Turk vocals in the vaults. However, B.G. said that with him and Lil Wayne having problems with the law, it's unlikely a record will drop anytime soon.

"I know I got my own personal dealings to deal with, as far as with the system and things of that nature," said B.G., who was arrested for illegal gun possession recently in Louisiana. Meanwhile, Wayne is expected to be sentenced to a year in prison in a New York court in February.

"I know Wayne's got to face the music with his situation with the system," B.G. added. "But we got time. We got a whole bunch of time to put the album together. We record quick. We already got songs done. But I look at it like, if we record from now until whoever gets sentenced or however it go, we still wouldn't be able to put the album out until [Wayne] comes home. When shorty comes home, I know he'll wanna record a whole 'nother album. So you might have a double Hot Boys CD. You never know. I don't know how it will work out."

Aside from legal woes, the Hot Boys project still poses problems on the business end.

"It's a paperwork thing," B.G. added. "We gotta get the paperwork straight. A lot of lawyers involved, a lot of managers involved — we gotta make sure everything is everything."

Meanwhile, Juvenile is more optimistic. He says he's already received a payment to work on the album.

"We been came to an agreement on that," Juve told us recently. "I already got a check on the new Hot Boys album. I'm probably the only one that has gotten paid. It's all a matter of them getting the business straight with B.G. — I think Wayne is already in — and Turk. Matter of fact, Wayne is in. Wayne is the one who wrote me the check."

Both B.G. and Juvenile say that they have now reconciled with Cash Money Records Co-CEO Bryan "Birdman" Williams.

"We spilled our guts out to each other," Juve said of his talks with Birdman. "We put it out on the table. We let bygones be bygones. Let's put all this aside and get money."