Diddy-Dirty Money's 'Love Come Down' Video Premieres

'It reminds me of the old Bad Boy videos,' Dawn Richard says of the performance-focused clip.

[artist id="1244169"]Diddy[/artist] says he's just taking his time. His Last Train to Paris doesn't arrive until next year, but he's going to continue to put out music and get the audience ready for his LP.

"We're just trying to roll it out properly," Diddy told MTV News. "I wanted a chance to lay out songs for you. A lot of singles we putting out now — that's the introduction. We didn't even get to that Train music. We're hitting you with warning shots, letting you know we're here.

"I wanted to make sure I told the story, I took my time and didn't want to alienate people," he added. "As soon as you hit [the fans] with something that's too far, they be thinking you got on some spandex thongs and a shiny suit and you dancing in Ibiza naked."

Diddy-Dirty Money, which features Dawn Richard and Kalenna, premiered their "Love Come Down" video Thursday (November 12) on MTV.com.

"It reminds me of the old Bad Boy videos, when you saw shiny suits and you said, 'This is official,' " Richard said on the set of the video last month. "It felt like a club on TV. This is what it is. It's like the futuristic '90s. It's raw — that's what the record is and our sound is. It's what love is. Love is like that. You're up, down, around, in your face — that's kinda what this video is. We take you to a place where it's just three people, black, and it's telling you a story. I miss videos when people told you exactly what the song was about."

In the clip, Diddy and the group set the tone with an all-black motif, dressing in black and performing on a black stage — except for the occasional flash of Diddy's gold teeth. Toward the end, the trio change to all-white outfits before going back to black.

Prior to "Love Come Down," [artist id="3217246"]Diddy-Dirty Money[/artist] released a video for "Angels." Diddy announced via Twitter that two popular MCs laid new vocals for the song.

"Lupe [Fiasco] hit me this week and said that 'Angels' is one of his fav songs," Diddy tweeted. "So he did a remix!!! When I tell you crazy! F---in crazy! Crazy!

"Then when I thought it couldn't get any better, Rick Ross called and said 'Angels' is one of his fav records too!" Diddy continued. "And so he did a remix! Stupid!"