Juvenile Talks About His Daughter's 2008 Murder

MC has a new LP on the way, but notes, 'You don't get over things like that.'

[artist id="508213"]Juvenile[/artist] hasn't released an LP in three years. He's gone through some label reshuffling (his new LP, Cocky and Confident, will be released as a joint venture between Atlantic Records and E1 Music), continued to persevere through the lasting effects of Hurricane Katrina in his hometown of New Orleans, and worst of all, cope with the horrific murder of his 4-year-old daughter Jelani in early 2008.

The child was slain along with her mother Joy Deleston, 39; and Deleston's daughter Micaiah, 11, in their home in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Deleston's 17-year-old son, Anthony Tyrone Terrell, was arrested for all three murders and charged with aggravated assault as well.

Juvenile says it's impossible to fully heal from a tragedy of that scale.

"Time, man," he explained about how he has coped. "You don't get over things like that. That's something that goes with you for the rest of your life. I don't know, man, just time to yourself. I'm not even comfortable talking about it. I stayed away from the press, everybody had a million questions. I'm not even comfortable talking about it."

Juve said he's relied on his family as a support system.

"I got a great wife, good brother, great momma. My family is good," he described.

When he refocused on his musical career, Juve chose to get back to some of the material that brought him to prominence in the late '90s: the streets and partying.

"I'm moving around a little bit," he said modestly. "I got one record with Pleasure P called 'Hands on You,' it's a ladies' record. I got another one called 'Gotta Get It.' It's doing real good on radio. It's one of your regular Juve records, follows in the trend of 'Ha.' One of those rough, rugged, first records I always come with."