Keri Hilson Tried To Make Drake's Birthday Wish Come True

'I called him and [the phone] went straight to voice mail,' she says of her attempt to serenade the MC at his request.

It seems like celebrities even turn to Twitter to make birthday wishes come true. [artist id="2545682"]Drake[/artist] turned 23 years old on October 24, and one of the gifts he asked for was a serenade from Keri Hilson. Drake posted the request on Twitter, saying, "I wish [artist id="1746119"]Keri Hilson[/artist] would call me and sing 'Slow Dance' to me for my birthday. That's my jawnt."

Ms. Keri spoke to MTV News last week and assured us that she definitely tried to grant Drake his request, but the Young Money young gun would not answer the phone.

"I tried," Hilson explained. "Drake ... for his birthday he asked me to sing my latest single 'Slow Dance.' I just randomly saw it. I rarely check my updates, but I did. ... You know, Drake rarely tweets. That's why I said, 'It feels like my birthday with you tweeting and all.' He said, 'For my birthday, I really wish Keri Hilson could sing me "Slow Dance." ' So he said, 'Keri, you should call me and sing "Slow Dance" a cappella.' So I was like, 'He's gonna call me out?' So I called him and [the phone] went straight to voice mail. I tried. I told him I tried and he put on Twitter, 'She actually tried.' "

Drizzy did give Hilson her props, writing, "Twitter is too powerful ... Sing to me my angel ... Sing to meee!"

Both Hilson and Drake have recorded songs for Timbaland's upcoming Shock Value 2.