Robert Pattinson Denies He And Kristen Stewart Are Dating

'Twilight' star tells Vanity Fair he and co-star are 'good friends.'

Robert Pattinson hasn't left the spotlight since he was cast as Edward Cullen in the "Twilight" flicks. And the rumor that doesn't seem to want to die is the one that has him paired with Kristen Stewart. Pattinson insists he's not dating his co-star, but that doesn't mean people won't keep trying to hook them up.

"It doesn't make any difference what you say [to the tabloids]," he says in the December issue of Vanity Fair, on newsstands November 4 in New York and Los Angeles. "I've literally been across the country [from Kristen], and it's like, 'Oh, they were on secret dates!' It's like, 'Where? I can't get out of my hotel room!' "

Stewart also laughs off the rumors in the issue, adding, "It's so retarded. We're characters in this comic book."

Pattinson continued that he and Stewart are "good friends." "I think she's the best young actress around," he said. "She's influenced how I've done all the 'Twilight' stuff. It's quite nice to have someone who is genuinely indifferent to the whole spectacle of everything."

He went on to talk about his fame and how being in the "Twilight" franchise is sometimes overwhelming, making his life completely different than it was before he signed on. Before "Twilight," he admits, he had spent his time "getting drunk for a year." "I was going to all these auditions and telling everyone how I got fired [from a play in London's West End] because I stood up for my principles, and making up all this bullsh--," he said. "I kind of went nuts for a while." He added that he would play his guitar in bars because "no one gave a sh--when you got up onstage."

Despite thinking that he looks like "a cartoon character," he said he went into the "Twilight" audition "a little more brazen than I would have been in a normal audition." "I was still in the mode thinking, I've got to make this really, really serious. This is not just a sexy thing. ... I was slamming my head against the wall and kind of going nuts," he said. "I remember calling my parents and saying, 'That's it. I'm not doing this anymore.' And then hearing, 'OK, fine,' which was not the answer I wanted to hear at all."

Pattinson wasn't the only one doubting he could tackle the role. The studio also wasn't sure he was right for the part, according to "Twilight" director Catherine Hardwicke. " 'Catherine, do you think you can make this guy look good?' " Hardwicke recalled being asked. "So I said, 'Here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to get his hair back to a different color, do a different style. He would work with a trainer from now on. My cinematographer is great with lighting. He will study the cheekbones, and I promise you, we'll make the guy look good.' "

Now, of course, instead of concentrating on how to make it, Pattinson is trying to keep fame from becoming too much for him to handle. "I'm trying not to drown," he said. "I guess I'm not the type of guy cut out to do a franchise. I'm not much of a crowd person."

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