'Twilight' To Be Re-Released In Theaters Night Before 'New Moon' Premiere

One-night-only showings will whet 'Twilight' fans' appetites for sequel's debut on November 20.

In what might be the no-brainer move of the year, it's looking like "Twilight" fans will get to see Bella and Edward meet for the first time on the big screen all over again before the latest chapter of their tragic tale unfolds. So, if you're a Twilighter who somehow boarded the train after the first movie left theaters, here's your chance to catch up, as the original "Twilight" is scheduled to hit theaters the night before its "New Moon" sequel debuts.

Summit Entertainment is currently negotiating with theaters across the country to gauge on how many screens a "Twilight" re-release could open the night before the premiere of "Twilight: New Moon" on November 20, according to the Los Angeles Times. The one-night-only bid would come in the thick of Oscar-bait season, which might explain why some theater owners would be unwilling to tie up screens with a year-old movie for more than one night, even with the die-hard nature of "Twilight" fans.

Coming on the heels of what is promising to be a record two-week-only engagement for "Michael Jackson's This Is It," the "Twilight" refresh might also help build even more anticipation for the "New Moon" release the next day, extending opening night into a sleepless 48-hour marathon of all things "Twi."

Summit intends for the "Twilight" tickets to sell at a lower price at some theaters, but an unnamed source is cited as saying that other theaters may charge full price for the second go-round, according to the Times.

The repeat roll-out of "Twilight," which took in $383.7 million worldwide since its release last year — and which is already available on DVD — is expected to be shown in more than 2,000 theaters nationwide, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

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