Kris Allen Song Clips Hit The Web Early

A week after the 'American Idol' winner finished his major-label debut, 30-second snippets hit German Amazon site.

Things move quickly in the music biz these days. "American Idol" champ Kris Allen just finished his major-label debut last week, and already 30-second snippets of the self-titled disc have started streaming online on the German version of

Samples of all 13 songs — including first single "Live Like We're Dying," which has already been released in full, and a cover of Kanye West's "Heartless" — have since been taken down from Amazon, but they have already spread across the Web to sites like

"Can't Stay Away" is the funkiest tune on the album, mixing a thumping bass beat with a radio-friendly chorus that has Allen "oh"-ing and "whoa"-ing before the songs slides to a bassy halt and then pushes forward into its next soul-flecked verse. That track was one of four tunes he performed on Sunday at a tailgate concert before the Miami Dolphins game. The others were "Written All Over My Face," "Before We Come Undone" and "Can't Stay Away."

The version of "Heartless" on the album seems to be more heavily produced than the acoustic guitar-driven cover he performed on "Idol." Both "The Truth" and "Bring It Back" are ballads with echoes of tracks from the Fray and Plain White T's. "I Need to Know" appears to be the slowest, darkest track, a piano-led dirge in which Allen's voice drips with emotion. Allen was known for his fondness for acoustic guitar on "Idol," and that fondness is evident in clips from "Alright with Me" and "Lifetime."

Of course, there's only so much one can tell from 30-second snippets of songs. The full album drops on November 17, the week before For Your Entertainment, the debut disc from "Idol" runner-up Adam Lambert.

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