Lauren Conrad Talks 'L.A. Candy' Movie: 'I'm Taking It Step By Step'

'I'm gonna work on the script first and then go to actors,' Conrad says of the project backed by the producers of 'Twilight.'

Lauren Conrad could probably get her pick of young actors to star in the movie adaptation of her novel, "L.A. Candy." So, since the same producers behind "Twilight" are backing her project, could fans see some crossover action?

"I have no idea!" she told MTV News when asked which "Twilight" actor she'd like to see in the film. "I think I'm kind of taking it step by step. I'm gonna work on the script first and then go to actors. As soon as I get back ... I'm going to start meeting with writers and try and decide on a writer to write the movie."

But, she does know for sure what she wants to see happen in the movie. Conrad explained that when she met with the studio to discuss the film, she made it clear she wanted the movie to capture the craziness of being young in Hollywood without sugarcoating it for the audience.

"You know what — in our initial meeting when I was really trying to get the point across of what I wanted this movie to be about, I was saying Hollywood isn't normal," she explained. "When you live in Hollywood, you feel like you live in a crazy world."

She hopes that the film can show people that "there's all these things going on," that a move to La La Land can throw you into some crazy situations, like it did for main character Jane Roberts. "I told them one thing I wanted to capture was that moment when you're inside a swarm of 20 paparazzi and you can't move and you don't know what to do and it's terrifying," she said. "And I don't think anyone's ever illustrated that before."

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