Michael Jackson Fans Say 'This Is It' Is 'Phenomenal'

'It showed Michael Jackson as a person, and he was thoughtful person,' one fan says.

A bevy of celebrities and critics have weighed in with their thoughts on [url id="/specials/michaeljackson/"]"Michael Jackson's This Is It."[/url] And now fans are sharing their opinions about the film with MTV News.

"I loved the movie. The whole movie basically stood out to me," Cordet Van Zandt said. "It was phenomenal from beginning to end. It made me learn so much about him. He was so amazing. He was on cue of everything."

A fan from Switzerland named Christopher felt the film was sympathetic to Jackson. "We would like just to say it was very sensitive, and I feel very excited to see that," he said. "I think, about the movie, it was very sensitive. I appreciated when we saw the video about the nature, 'Human Nature.' I think that now were going to think of him in a different way."

"It's great. It's awesome. I highly recommend everyone see this movie," another fan raved. "There's so many good scenes. There's a scene he did with 'Smooth Criminal' and 'Thriller' that he did 3-D. I give it a 10. It's going to show a lot of people how true he was to his art form and how much humanity he had."

Clarence from Maryland agreed that the movie will remind fans and critics that MJ was a human being — and a considerate one at that: "The movie was a really nice movie. It showed Michael Jackson as a person, and he was thoughtful person."

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