Michael Jackson Was 'One Of The Sweetest People," Ashley Tisdale Says

Actress met the pop star through 'High School Musical' director Kenny Ortega.

Ashley Tisdale once had the incredible opportunity of meeting Michael Jackson, thanks to her "High School Musical" director Kenny Ortega, who also helmed "Michael Jackson's This Is It." But even having met the man in person, she was still blown away by seeing him up on the big screen doing what he does best: performing.

"It was so amazing. I mean, I was just so excited to see it, and it was just absolutely amazing," Tisdale told MTV News on Wednesday (October 28) after seeing the film at its world premiere in Los Angeles the night before. "It was so cool to see him and see how he works. I think he was completely ready to do it. I was just super excited to see a documentary about it, but it blew it all away."

Tisdale said that the movie was even better than she expected. "What surprised me most was that he was so ready to do [the shows]," she explained. "He was completely ready to do the concert. I think that he was ready to go. He still had it for sure, and I think that that really surprised me."

The actress felt that Jackson's warmth and presence came across on film and that the movie captured his spirit. "Well, you know, obviously you're watching him work [in the movie], which is different. But the behind-the-scenes stuff when he's talking, he's exactly the same," she said. "He was the one of the sweetest people, just when he walks into a room he's glowing. He was an icon. You become speechless when you meet him. He was one of the nicest people, and it definitely comes across onscreen as well."

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