Michael Jackson Collaborators Moved By 'This Is It'

'I'm so excited the world gets to see that Michael we saw,' dancer Kaplow says.

Though they participated in the rehearsals that comprise the footage of "Michael Jackson's This Is It," the dancers, musicians and producers working on Jackson's London concerts still find the movie moving.

"To be honest, I didn't know what to expect, or if I even wanted to see it yet, but it was a big weight lifted off my shoulders," dancer Kaplow told MTV News. "It was beautiful. I'm so excited the world gets to see that Michael we saw. The Michael we knew, that we rehearsed with all the time. That's real. That's him."

Music supervisor Michael Bearden, who was also an associate producer on the film, says that it was incredible watching "This Is It" in a room packed with some of Jackson's closest friends and fans. Until then, he had only seen it with his colleagues, including director Kenny Ortega.

"It was amazing to hear the reactions and see that Michael Jackson was well received and loved," he said. "I'm just very happy. I've known him since 2001, so we had a genuine friendship and bond there. We both loved each other."

The team that worked on the film wanted to ensure that not only will fans see the pop legend on film, but also get an idea of what Jackson was setting out to do in his 50 concerts at the O2 arena. "One of the main things was his message for the world," Bearden said, adding that he felt the movie managed to get that message out.

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