Kellan Lutz Compares 'Twilight' Films

'Each director is different,' 'Eclipse' star says.

With shooting on "Eclipse" winding down and the "Breaking Dawn" movie still unconfirmed, these may be the final days that Twilighters see any Cullens on a film set for a while. With that in mind, we wanted to make sure we caught up with one of our all-time favorite "Twilight" stars — Mr. Kellan Lutz — at least one more time.

In between his "Eclipse" duties, the Snuggie-loving actor sometimes known as Emmett Cullen sat down exclusively with MTV to discuss his thoughts on the "Twilight" movies, including comparisons of the various films' directors and his favorite scenes from "New Moon," due out on November 20.

MTV: What do you see as the biggest difference between the tales in the "Twilight" saga?

Kellan Lutz: What's the biggest difference? That's an interesting question. Because the books are already about different subjects. Stephenie [Meyer] wrote them with the Romeo and Juliet aspect, and then, each one has a different persona. It's a really cool concept. But as far as the directors go, each director is different. Catherine [Hardwicke] was very energetic, and she made this beautiful movie. Chris [Weitz] had this really cool, really laid-back [vibe], but has a great sense of how to do CGI and how to make these wolves look real and bigger than life versus just some computerized image. Then David Slade, with his action background and his indie style, just mixed the two. The movies are going to be unique in their own aspects, and that's what's really interesting — it's not the same director doing each one. We, as actors, got to see different styles of [directing]. So it doesn't feel old, ever.

MTV: What is your favorite [movie id="414921"]"New Moon"[/movie] scene?

Lutz: My favorite scene is probably anything that Charlie is in, played by Billy Burke. He just has this great comedic timing, and every scene [with him], I get a laugh out of. And there's just tons of action. That's the thing too, seeing the wolves actually fight each other and roughhouse. It's really interesting to see what Chris did.

MTV: Which of the new characters is your favorite?

Lutz: The Volturi boys. I didn't meet them in "New Moon," so now [I see them on the "Eclipse" set]. I didn't have the time to meet them when we were shooting "New Moon" because the shooting schedules were different. So, with seeing them, and finally meeting them on "Eclipse," they're really cool. It's interesting to finally meet them. It's so weird being an actor in something and not being a part of the whole cast feeling.

MTV: As the saga continues to film, do you feel like you're becoming more or less like your character?

Lutz: I've been my character. I feel like I've been Emmett since day one. I really loved the character when I first had the audition for Edward. I was like, "No guys, come on [let me be in the movie]." And then I asked them about Emmett, and something was already done with that, and then it came back [available again]. I just really like Emmett. He's a great, fun character to play. I'm always so happy to be on the set. He's not depressing, he's not complex. He's just the lovable bear type.

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