Michael Jackson Guitarist Orianthi Says MJ Wanted 'This Is It' Concerts To Be 'Perfect'

'This was his vision and he put so much into it,' Orianthi says.

[artist id="1102"]Michael Jackson[/artist] spent the final days of his life with the artists and dancers who were helping him launch his "This Is It" comeback concerts and cement his legacy as the King of Pop. Cameras were there to capture every moment, and though MJ never got to show the world what they'd all been planning, fans will get a glimpse at the concert rehearsals when "Michael Jackson's This Is It" arrives in theaters on October 28.

To celebrate the occasion, MTV will air a half-hour movie premiere special on Tuesday, October 27 at 8:30 p.m. ET. In addition to live red carpet coverage, we'll be bringing you in-depth interviews with those very artists, dancers and creative forces who were helping Jackson bring his vision to life. One person you'll be hearing a lot from is Orianthi, MJ's Australian-born lead guitarist.

"He wanted to make sure that the show was perfect for his fans," she said about Jackson during rehearsals. "He didn't want them to be disappointed. So he put everything into it, fine-tuning everything. We would put on the show for him so he could sit and watch it and then analyze it and then change things around, make them better.

Orianthi spent hour after hour going over the production with Jackson, working on songs like "Beat It" and "Black or White" and marveling at the way he paid such close attention to every detail of the production.

"The last couple nights we rehearsed with him, he was just in great spirits and really happy with the way everything was coming together," she said. "You could just tell he was so excited. This was his vision and he put so much into it."

While she'll be in attendance during the Los Angeles premiere, Orianthi admitted it's going to be difficult to sit through the film. Still, she maintained that "This Is It" will give fans a true picture of what the live concert experience would have been like.

"With the movie they're going to be able to see how much work went into it and how driven he was with it and his vision," she said. "It was his last body of work and it was going to be the ultimate show."

Don't miss "Michael Jackson's This Is It" Premiere Special, airing on MTV and VH1 on Tuesday, October 27 at 8:30 p.m. ET! "Michael Jackson's This Is It" opens in a limited engagement on October 27 and wide on October 28.

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