Diddy Says Last Train To Paris Is 'A Love Story'

'All our records are gonna be about love, feelings and emotion,' mogul says on the set of Diddy-Dirty Money's new video, 'Love Come Down.'

[artist id="1244169"]Diddy[/artist] insists his new group is more than a trio. The legendary mogul says Diddy-Dirty Money is a "look, sound, feeling, emotion," and wants it to be a movement.

On Tuesday (October 20) in Los Angeles, the group shot the video for "Love Come Down."

"Finding love, losing love and getting love back again," Dawn Richard, formerly of Danity Kane, said about the 2010 album Last Train to Paris. "This single off of that album demonstrates that. 'Love Come Down' ... Kalenna and I were in the studio vibing and Puff walks in. He was like, 'I love that melody.' It just fell into place. It's one of the hypest club bangers out there right now and we want to bring it to life with this new video.

"It reminds me of the old Bad Boy videos when you saw shiny suits and you said, 'This is official,' " she added. "It felt like a club on TV. This is what it is. It's like the futuristic '90s. It's raw — that's what the record is and our sound is. It's what love is. Love is like that. You're up, down, around, in your face — that's kinda what this video is. We take you to a place where it's just three people, black, and it's telling you a story. I miss videos when people told you exactly what the song was about."

"One of the things we're trying to represent is emotion," Diddy said of the upcoming album. "Not being afraid to show emotion on record. A lot of records out right now — no disrespect to them, but they're all surface. It's about what people have or a dance. All our records are gonna be about love, feelings and emotion. Last Train to Paris is a love story and the most vulnerable album I've ever been involved in. It's raw emotion — you get a feeling, a vibe."