Rihanna Fans React To 'Russian Roulette'

Fans have a mostly positive reaction to the new track, calling it 'different' and 'interesting.'

For her fans, one wait was "ova" on Tuesday when Rihanna released her new single, "Russian Roulette." The song, an eerie ballad about a dangerous love affair, will be on Rihanna's forthcoming album, Rated R, out on November 23. And it shows a new, darker side of the singer — a side that is dividing fans.

"It's different. She's always coming with something new and interesting," Gregory told MTV News. "It's slower than her other songs. I liked it. There was something that caught me off guard a little bit when she said, 'Pull the trigger.' "

Most fans agreed, though, that the song has a bit of a creepy vibe to it — from her heavy breathing on the track to the gun noises at the beginning and end, the song has a violent undertone. "It sounded creepy at first, and then it started going soft and I really liked it. It's something new," Andrea said. "I thought it would be another 'Disturbia.' It was interesting."

Another fan, Jacqueline, agreed. "I thought it was really good. It's different from what you're hearing a lot now. It's a lot softer and more serious. It's appropriate for where she's at right now. It's good music."

Nicholas thinks that the song shows "a whole new side of Rihanna." "It was darker — it was sort of creepy. I liked it a lot. She obviously went through a lot," he said, referring to Chris Brown's assault and its aftermath. "I think it's about coming back and kicking ass."

Although it received mostly positive reviews from fans, there were a few who though that Rihanna should have released a club banger as the first single off the new album. Kayla explained, "I don't know. It's really, really different. It's not her. It's like 'Thriller' meets 'Dancing Queen.' It's weird, but I guess it's cool. Everything she does is really good."

Derek said that in today's pop world, with Lady Gaga leading the charts, he's not sure "Russian Roulette" has what it takes to be a hit. "I didn't think it was her best work. It wasn't a banger like all her other songs — not as great as Lady Gaga's new song. I think she'll be overshadowed by her," he said. "It's not gonna be 'Disturbia' — it's no 'Umbrella,' that's for sure."