Ciara Says There'll Be Fewer Guests On Fantasy Ride Follow-Up

'This time it is about knowing me more and hearing more of me,' singer says at Justin Timberlake event.

[artist id="1801883"]Ciara[/artist] must have liked what she heard on Fantasy Ride this year. After working with producer Christopher "Tricky" Stewart on four of her album's 13 tracks, the singer has given Tricky and his songwriting partner The-Dream domain over the entirety of her follow-up disc. But what we heard a lot on Fantasy — and what we likely won't be hearing much on the new album — are Ciara's high-profile collaborations with other artists.

"At this point in my career, it's important for my fans to get to know more about me and to really feel me," she told MTV News on the red carpet Saturday at Justin Timberlake's charity event. "I've done a lot of features over the course of my career. I'm not saying that I won't do any, but I want really my fans to come into my world. I've been very blessed to work with a lot of cool people, but this time it is about knowing me more and hearing more of me."

Of course, Fantasy featured Ludacris, Chris Brown, Young Jeezy, Missy Elliott and Timberlake. The video for "Love Sex Magic," which featured JT, nabbed a Best Choreography nomination

at this year's Video Music Awards.

Tricky recently told the name of two records they've recorded — "Gifted" and "Speechless," which actually features Ciara with The-Dream — but Ciara said those two tracks are only the beginning of the "really crazy, really fun" album they're putting together.

"I got on Tricky because he was spilling all the beans," she laughed. "Those two records that he named are definitely awesome records, and there are some cool ones that I've done lately that are just even more amazing.

"It's kind of reminding me of how it was for me at the beginning of my career," she explained, "which is a really good feeling."