Lindsay Lohan's Probation Extended For One Year

Actress reprimanded for missing alcohol education classes and leaving town without permission.

[artist id="1737245"]Lindsay Lohan[/artist] didn't do herself any favors on Friday (October 16) when she showed up more than an hour late to a probation hearing in Beverly Hills. Lohan was in court for a progress review on her two DUI cases, and after hearing an explanation from the actress' lawyer about why she had failed to complete the required alcohol education classes as required by her existing three-year probation, the judge tacked another year on.

The troubled actress, 23, described as solemn and gaunt, wearing a white sport coat over a white long-sleeve shirt and black pants, held attorney Shawn Chapman Holley's hand as they walked into the courtroom, according to Judge Marsha N. Revel asked for an explanation of why she had been getting notices that Lohan might be in violation of the terms of her probation.

Holley explained that there had been a miscommunication when Lohan failed to notify instructors at an alcohol management class that she would be returning after she completed some work outside the U.S. Revel told Holley that Lohan must get prior court approval the next time she leaves Los Angeles for work and warned that a failure to comply strictly with the conditions in the future could lead to jail time. Lohan was sentenced to three years' probation after her second DUI conviction in August 2007.

"I ordered you into court today because I wanted to speak to you directly," Revel told Lohan, according to "I don't want to get any more notices again, no warrants ... where you're thumbing your nose at the court." Despite her tough words, the judge added, "I'm rooting for you to successfully complete probation."

E! News reported that the judge also clarified that the actress, who was recently in Paris for a panned debut of her Ungaro fashion line, must ask for the temporary permission to leave for legitimate purposes, not "to go shopping ... not to go vacationing."

Holley explained that Lohan has been busy filming a movie in Texas, working on a documentary about child trafficking in India for the BBC, recording an album and working on her fashion line.

"This is the last time we will be talking about re-enrolling," the judge said. "Anytime you request a leave of absence for more than 21 days, you must get court approval. If you don't do that, the deputy district attorney will be asking for jail time."

TMZ added that Lohan has attended only 15 of 26 individual alcohol education classes, 13 of 26 group classes and 13 of 28 self-help sessions required by her probation.

Lohan did not speak in court except to say "yes" when the judge asked if she understood the proceedings. A December 15 date was set for a progress hearing.