Adam Lambert's 'Time For Miracles' Video To Debut Before 'This Is It'

A '2012' trailer that includes the 'American Idol' runner-up's music video will be shown before Michael Jackson documentary.

In addition to putting the finishing touches on his major-label debut and announcing the nominees for the 2009 American Music Awards, where he will be performing, [artist id="3188063"]Adam Lambert[/artist] just finished shooting the music video for "Time for Miracles," a song recorded for the upcoming end-of-the-world blockbuster "2012."

"[The video] was really performance-driven. It was really about the lyric content and the emotional guts of the song," Lambert told MTV News on Tuesday (October 13) in Los Angeles.

But given that the tune is being used in a Roland Emmerich-helmed disaster flick, fans should expect a doomsday element to the clip as well. "There were a ton of extras on the set. What they were doing is they were staging scenes reminiscent of what happens in '2012,' " Lambert said.

Specifically, the "American Idol" rocker pointed to one sequence in the video where he sings calmly while chaos surrounds him. "I'm just walking through looking straight at the camera singing the song, and there's a riot going on around me — people being tossed in front of me, looting, you know, people being arrested," Lambert described. "That was pretty wild, to try to stay focused on the song while that was happening. But we had fun. It was a good day."

Recording the song was perhaps more of a challenge. Lambert explained that working with producer Rob Cavallo on the power ballad was fairly intense. "[He] pushed me to the limit," Lambert said. "I sang for my life. It was quite a day of recording, but it turned out great." Cavallo and Lambert went on to work together on several tracks that might end up on Lambert's CD come November 24. (Cavallo spilled three song titles to Yahoo! Music on Tuesday, including "Suburban Decay," "Winners" and "Music Again.")

A small snippet of "Time for Miracles" leaked late last week, but Lambert told us to expect the full song later this week. "I believe on the 18th [Saturday], 'Time for Miracles' will be released. ... I'm really happy about it."

Lambert is especially happy about where fans will be able to see the "Time for Miracles" video: the big screen. "The '2012' trailer that we put together with the ['Time for Miracles' music video] will be premiering at the Michael Jackson film," Lambert revealed to MTV News, referring to a special trailer that will run before the upcoming documentary "Michael Jackson's This Is It."

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