'Couples Retreat' Stars Vince Vaughn And Malin Akerman Like Strong Drinks

'Time to unwind, undress and get skinny-dipping!' Akerman exclaims.

You know it's going to be a good interview when [movie id="409482"]"Couples Retreat"[/movie] star Malin Akerman starts off by saying, "Time to unwind, undress and get skinny-dipping!"

Coolest woman ever? Probably. Mind you, her call to party wasn't completely out of context. MTV News had traveled quite a ways to hang out with Akerman and her co-stars Vince Vaughn, Jason Bateman, Kristen Bell, Kristin Davis and Jon Favreau. On this particular day in paradise, Akerman decided to mix up some cocktails in the midst of an interview — what she dubbed a Bora Bora margarita: pineapple nectar subbing in for lime juice.

"I like my stuff strong," she warned. "I don't know about you guys."

Vince Vaughn, who said he prefers a beer or a Greyhound, with maybe a little cranberry juice thrown in if he's in the mood, was impressed. "Yet another thing to throw on the résumé of awesomeness," he told her, adding that getting drunk during an interview is usually a very bad idea

We disagree, Vince! How else would we learn, as you confessed with a laugh at one point, that your vacation of choice is not on a tropical island but somewhere you can "be in full chaps doing a cattle drive"?

As the booze flowed, the hilarity ensued. When it came to substantive answers, though, we'd probably have to rely on earlier, alcohol-free interviews, when we hit up Akerman, Vaughn and the rest of the cast with pop-quizzes about another. After all, they'd spent a couple months hanging out together, making this film about couples who head to an idyllic setting for vacation and end up in the midst of no-holds-bared relationship therapy. How much do they really know about their fellow stars?

Bell knew that Bateman got his start on "Little House on the Prairie," though Bateman couldn't name the HBO show on which Bell appeared ("Deadwood"). Akerman and Vaughn both struck out: she couldn't name his first movie ("Rudy"), he couldn't name her HBO show ("The Comeback"). And when it came to Favreau and Davis, well, Jon decided to rephrase some of the questions.

"What game did I play that would have made it impossible for us to have slept together in high school?" he asked.

"Badminton?" Davis laughed. "Volleyball?"

If you must know, the answer is Dungeons & Dragons.

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