'Couples Retreat' Cheat Sheet: Everything You Need To Know

Before you check in to the resort, we take you behind the scenes of paradise.

Next week will mark the 13th anniversary of "Swingers," [movieperson id="191474"]Vince Vaughn[/movieperson] and [movieperson id="20182"]Jon Favreau's[/movieperson] now-classic comedy that contributed a host of money vocab words into the pop-cultural lexicon and launched the careers of those two Hollywood A-listers. On Friday (October 8), Vaughn and Favreau will reunite onscreen, older, not exactly wiser, married and soaking up the sun on a South Pacific island rather than in Los Angeles.

It's all for "Couples Retreat," one of those romantic comedies whose plot is essentially explained in its title. But here's a little more: Vaughn's Dave is happily hitched to [movieperson id="402115"]Malin Akerman's[/movieperson] Ronnie, while Favreau's Joey happily cheats on Kristin Davis' Lucy, who does her fair share of extramarital hanky-panky. These couples — along with Jason Bateman and Kristen Bell and Faizon Love and Kali Hawk — head to a tropical island for what they assume will be sun-drenched R&R but soon becomes full-blown couples therapy.

These characters' leisure-time confusion should not be your own. MTV News has been covering this film for months — heck, we even flew thousands of miles to Bora Bora to do some on-location reconnaissance — and we have all the details you'll need before hitting the theater. So kick back, turn on the beach-bum tunes and relax in style with our "Couples Retreat" cheat sheet.

The Stars Hit the Beach

Early this year, the cast jetted off to Bora Bora for the shoot. What went down was a whole lot of fooling around in the name of cinema, Akerman said.

"We got to do a jet-skiing sequence, and we had a little fun on the jet skis," she told MTV News in February. "Those guys are a bit nuts when it comes to anything, really, so that was a fun day just shooting around the island on jet skis and doing tricks and falling off jet skis. I was behind Vince, and Jon and Kristin Davis were on the other one. And that was a surreal moment, shooting around Bora Bora on jet skis with Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau."

The Junket to End All Junkets — Plus 'Twilight'!

Most junkets — those hectic promotional events in which stars sit for, and suffer through, countless interviews — take place for a few hours at city hotels. The folks behind "Retreat" invited us out to Bora freaking Bora for a full-on vacation. It was, in the words of movies editor Josh Horowitz an "absurdly idyllic backdrop."

It should be noted, of course, that while French Polynesia is absolutely in the middle of nowhere, there is clearly no place on Earth that Edward Pattison, Kristen Stewart and "Twilight" have not invaded. Yup, right there on the mainland was a poster of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan themselves.

Wackiness, Nudity, Booze!

Blame the tropical humidity. Or the readily available cocktails. But wow, our interviews with the stars turned out wacky. And by wacky, we mean awesome. Vaughn and Akerman discussed the film's prominent nudity while downing fruit-juice-enhanced booze. Bateman and Bell delved into threesomes, testosterone and male-enhancement surgery. Davis and Favreau chatted about, well, honestly, it got a little gross — hilarious and gross.

After filming for months earlier this year and reuniting in Bora Bora for the junket, the entire cast really had come to know one another well. And we made them prove it with a take-no-prisoners pop quiz. Some got A-pluses, some failed miserably. All still got to go out for recess, gorgeous, tropical recess where the booze flowed as if from a waterfall and no one ever, ever wanted to leave.

Check out everything we've got on "Couples Retreat."

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