Kris Allen Song 'Has Some Edge To It,' Says Co-Writer Mat Kearney

'It wasn't, like, your typical ['Idol'] cheesy thing,' singer/songwriter says of the collaboration.

The JFK assassination, scientology, Justin Bieber's real age ... few things are as hush-hush as the details surrounding an "American Idol" alum's first album. But Kris Allen collaborator Mat Kearney dropped a few hints about the top-secret song he co-wrote with the "Idol" winner over the summer.

During a recent chat with MTV News, Kearney had nothing but positive things to say about working with Allen. And of the song itself, the singer/songwriter promised, "It's pretty cool. It wasn't, like, your typical ['Idol'] cheesy thing."

When pressed for details about the track, Kearney deadpanned, "I pictured everyone in a bowling rink. That's where the story takes place," before making it obvious he was just joking. "We don't say anything about bowling [in the song]. I don't know why I think that."

Although Kris Allen portrayed himself on "Idol" as a nice guy, Kearney says their song could add a little roughness to Allen's squeaky-clean image. "It's driving ... it has some edge to it. So I hope that's a good thing. That may make it so they don't want to [include it on the album]."

The status of the track is unclear. Allen is still in the studio recording his major-label debut, and 19 Entertainment has not confirmed the status of the Kearney/Allen collaboration. With such big names as Eg White, David Hodges and Chris Daughtry attached to Allen's album, Mat downplays the likelihood of his song making it to the final track list, citing its chances at around "one in a hundred."

Regardless, Kearney remains easygoing about his contribution. "We wrote a song and it was awesome. Now it's in their world. I'm like, 'Do what you want with it,' " Kearney said, before quipping, "They'd be dumb if it wasn't [on the album]."

While Kearney awaits the final decision, he's keeping busy promoting his latest full-length album, City of Black & White, with a headline tour in which he tosses a few covers into his set list for good measure. (How "American Idol" of him!) Kearney joked, "I thought about entering ['Idol'], but I don't know that I'd be able to sing 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' very well 'cause I'm not that good at singing."

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