Glenn Beck Was Just Joking About The Muse Brush-Off

Conservative talker's publicist says Muse never asked him to retract his on-air endorsement.

Though Glenn Beck fervently proclaimed his affinity for Muse's apocalyptic glam stylings last month, it was hard to figure out where the worlds of the conservative talker and the British prog rockers could meet. And because Beck is often purposely outrageous, it's also hard to tell how much of what he says he believes himself and when he's simply stirring the pot for the sake of good TV or radio.

But we now know one thing for sure: When Beck claimed a few weeks ago that [artist id="1191782"]Muse[/artist]'s people insisted he stop raving on about how much he loves the group's new album, The Resistance, he was making a funny.

MTV News reported earlier today that shortly after heaping praise on Muse two weeks ago, and specifically on the song "United States of Eurasia," Beck announced on his show that he had gotten an e-mail from Muse's people asking that he retract his endorsement.

Well, it turns out that while his enthusiasm about Muse remains strong, the bit about the e-mail was in jest. On Monday (October 5), Christopher Balfe, the president and COO of Beck's company, Mercury Radio Arts, released a statement clarifying the situation. "After raving about Muse for four minutes, Glenn made a joke about their representatives e-mailing him to stop," Balfe wrote. "While it is entirely possible that Muse does not like having Glenn as a fan, he was making a joke and their representatives never reached out to him."

Muse have not publicly reacted to the unexpected praise from the excitable Fox News contributor and avowed Libertarian — who stated as fact during his kudos-fest that Muse were also clearly Libertarians. When asked for a response to the retraction of the fake retraction, a spokesperson for the band said there would be no comment from the Muse camp.