Pete Wentz, Mark Hoppus Declare 'Death Of The Emo Haircut'

Blink-182 bassist shaved Wentz's head onstage at Madison Square Garden.

Earlier this year, Jay-Z sounded the death knell for Auto-Tune. And on Sunday, Pete Wentz declared the death of the Emo Swoosh.

In a move of great historical significance, Wentz was shorn of his infamous spiky/swooshy "Emo" hair onstage during Fall Out Boy's set at Madison Square Garden, bringing to a close his near five-year reign as the poster boy for the decade's most maligned and abused hairstyles.

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"So you guys know Jay-Z's 'Death of Auto-Tune'?" Wentz asked the Garden crowd. "This is the death of the Emo haircut."

With that, Wentz took a seat, and as the audience squealed with delight — and perhaps even horror — he beckoned Blink-182 bassist Mark Hoppus over, and the head shaving began. Meanwhile, Wentz's FOB bandmates, recognizing the heft of the moment, launched into "Saturday," from their 2003 Take This to Your Grave album (which, it should be noted, was the last album Wentz recorded with normal hair).

As for the parties involved? Well, they seemed determined to downplay the sheer enormity of the moment. The freshly shorn Wentz leapt from his chair and sang backing vocals on the song, while Hoppus gathered up his gear and exited stage left.

After the show, Wentz summed up the experience with a one-sentence tweet ("I am more aerodynamic"), and Hoppus called the MSG show "amazing" and then attempted to start a Wentz-themed Trending Topic.

The Madison Square Garden show was originally scheduled to be the final stop on Blink-182's massive summer (and, really, fall) tour — which probably explains the head-shaving shenanigans — but the band canceled a handful of shows due to DJ AM's death in August. Those shows were rescheduled throughout the tour, with the last two taking place on October 6 and 7 in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Atlanta, Georgia. As a result, Blink added even more dates, and their tour is now finally scheduled to wrap on October 12 in Santa Barbara, California.

No word on who they'll shave at that show.