Omarion Says 'It's Gonna Be My Time' This Fall

Singer explains why he's releasing Ollusion without the help of Lil Wayne.

There's a reason [artist id="1873941"]Omarion[/artist] named his upcoming album Ollusion.

"Everything is based on perception, and I'm a testament of perception," O explained to MTV News. "All the moves I made, things might look a certain way, and they may be at times, but they might not. You always got to dig deeper and ask the questions."

And one of those questions might be: What exactly happened between O and Lil Wayne? In August, the Cash Money superstar announced on a California stage that the former B2K frontman was signed to Young Money. Then, less than a week later, the union fell through, and Wayne affiliate Mack Maine tweeted that Omarion was no longer a part of the team. The marriage seemed almost as short as Britney Spears' to Jason Alexander.

"When we were in the process of making the deal and the signing part, I wanna say it was roughly six to seven months, or maybe even a little longer," Omarion revealed. "To most people I know it seems like, 'Well, that was fast.' [Laughs.] I totally get it.

"Truthfully, though, I just really saw Wayne's position, and I respected him as a businessman in building the entity he wants to build," he continued. "My idea when we were getting together was that we were coming into more of a partnership. But I'm a leader, and he's a leader. When I thought about it and I really looked at the history of artists that do what I do, they're never under the umbrella of a crew."

So, Omarion moved on and swapped out the "Lollipop" MC for Gucci Mane on his single "I Get It In." (He dismisses the rumor that he leaked the song and dropped from Young Money as a result.) O says he was fortunate to be able to pick up another talented rapper to maintain the track's vibe.

"Before Wayne became Wayne, the streets really felt him; that's how he did a million his first week," O said. "And Gucci is the next one [to follow that path], and I was just a fan too."

The track is the first offering from Ollusion, due November 24 on Omarion's own StarWorld Entertainment. He's set to shoot the video for the single later this month, along with the follow-up, "Hoodie" featuring Jay Rock.

The 25-year-old is hoping that the visuals, along with the new music, will help re-introduce him to a public that hasn't heard much from him in four years.

"I really took out time this go around to get a lot of knowledge — and not just in ... the game, but as man," Omarion said. "Being in the entertainment business as long as I have and making that transition to a man is a really hard thing.

"I can't wait to showcase what I been working on and show why I call myself the king of dance," he added. "I wanna show people my work. Everybody has their time, and right now, I just feel like it's gonna be my time."