'Whip It' Director Drew Barrymore 'Inspired' Star Ellen Page

'My mind was consistently blown,' actress says of Barrymore's work ethic.

[movie id="379060"]"Whip It"[/movie] is Drew Barrymore's directorial debut and one of the film's stars, Ellen Page, who has worked with experienced directors from David Slade to Brett Ratner, has nothing but the highest praise for Barrymore's efforts.

"Every filmmaker's different. Everybody approaches it in a different way," she told MTV News. "And [every director] relates in a different way, but Drew managed to create an atmosphere like no other I've ever experienced."

Barrymore's approach, which has been described by co-star and love interest Landon Pigg as being a "party with a script," also included bringing a cast of actors together — including "Saturday Night Live" star Kristen Wiig, rapper Eve, Zoe Bell and Andrew Wilson — that exceeded Page's expectations.

"She just brought so many awesome people together," she said of her comrades in the roller-derby flick. "The cast I got to work with was incredible and managed to create this — we created this bond and this family like I've never experienced before."

That bond also had a lot to do with Barrymore's nurturing spirit on set. From how Page describes it, it seems the actor-turned-director brought her earth-mother vibe to the shoot. "She just had this energy on set that was just tireless," she said of the director. "She was just constantly giving to everyone at all times, always available — I don't know how she did it. And my mind was consistently blown and very much inspired."