DMX, KRS-One Say They're Still The 'Heat' And The 'Fuel'

New York legends trade compliments on the red carpet of VH1's "Hip Hop Honors," in Mixtape Daily.

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"That's the maaaan! That's the maaaan, right there! That's the maaaan!"

The booming voice delivering the props was instantly recognizable to anyone within earshot. DMX had just arrived on the [url id=""]red carpet at VH1's "Hip Hop Honors"[/url] in Brooklyn last week and caught sight of KRS-One.

"Don't even start it, that's the man," the Blastmaster said back to X.

The New York icons instantly hugged and connected. It's the kind of behind-the-scenes moment that makes events like these so memorable, when legends turn into fans and exchange compliments like business cards.

"You got me through two years up north with 'The Bridge Is Over,' " the Dog told the Bronx bomber. "Real talk. Real talk. You got me through it, baby. You got me through it."

KRS-One pulled X beside him and then began talking to MTV News about this year's Hottest MCs list. Even though DMX has as many New York hits as Derek Jeter, due to recent troubles — like a three-month prison sentence for animal-cruelty, drug and fraud charges — he hasn't been active musically for a while. But the Teacher put up the case for X anyway.

"DMX, everything this brother spits is hot," KRS said. "Everything. This is the heat right here. When I stand next to MCs, this is who I wanna stand next to. This brother gets it in. And not many cats that make hit records can also get it in on the mic. It's sorta like you trade in one for the other: You make a hit, you leave the streets. You stay in the streets, you can't make a hit. This right here, [though,] is living proof. Get at me, dog."

"If I'm the heat, this is the fuel," X countered. "This is the fuel that's off the heat. It's an honor, real talk."

VH1's "Hip Hop Honors" air on October 13.

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