Method Man Confirms Joint LP With Ghostface, Raekwon

Plus: Havoc steps up his lyrical game while waiting for Mobb Deep partner Prodigy's release, in Mixtape Daily.

The O.D.: A Mixtape Daily Exclusive

We got all three to confirm it. Ghostface Killah and Raekwon told us first, and on Wednesday, during the taping of VH1's "Hip Hop Honors," Method Man co-signed what his brothers promised: All three are making an LP together.

"It feels great," Meth said about the partial Wu-Tang Clan album. "Rae got the album out, Ghost is coming with his album, and all three of us got the album together. And you hearing it here first. I ain't never said it on tape. ... Method, Raekwon, Ghostface — new album."

Behind The Beats: Havoc

After producing classic albums as a part of Mobb Deep and bone-chilling beats for the likes of Nas and 50 Cent, you can't blame Havoc for wanting to take a break.

"This time around, I'm kind of focused on my lyrics more," Hav told us recently while promoting his new mixtape, From Now On.

The Queens-bred beatsmith is still gonna make that murder music. But with Mobb Deep partner Prodigy still serving a prison bid, Hav decided it's time for him to step up his wordplay.

"I'm doing a lot of the production on the mixtape," he explained. "[But] I been so involved with production that a lot of times you kind of get lax on the lyrics, when it comes to a producer/artist. But I really wanted to focus on my lyrics, because that's where I started, and that's where my passion is at."

Good thing Havoc's pen packs a punch that hits as hard as his beats.

"What's up, P, hope all is well, I should have write you sooner/ But since our last visit, I been fighting off them rumors," he spits on "Letter P," a personal ode to his partner in rhyme. "Me and you, we not rocking like we used to/ My loyalty is strong, and I don't feel like I got to prove to you."

"That was just to clear up a couple of rumors," Hav said. "It's between me and my homie."

The two vets are still tight and have been going strong for more than 15 years. In fact, Hav said he and Prodigy plan to reunite for a new Mobb album as soon as P gets home. The duo are still signed to G-Unit, he said, and P's been writing while doing his time. Hav, though, said he wasn't sure what direction they would take on the next project just yet. That's not something that they talk about during visits.

"We're definitely gonna work on the next Mobb Deep album, I'm ready for that," Hav said. " 'Cause he's [still] a beast, lyrically. And I just miss my partner. That's gonna be one of the first things we work on. I'm not really sure [if we're gonna talk about his time away]. I can't say if that will be reflected in the next project. I do know that it's gonna be crazy. I can guarantee that."

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