Hottest MCs In The Game Fan Poll Closes Tonight!

Get your votes in by midnight so your voice is heard in our roundtable debate.

Attention, ladies and gents: Speak now or forever hold your peace! The Hottest MCs in the Game fan poll closes Monday (September 21) at midnight.

In August, we asked you, the people, for your Hottest MCs picks. We posted more than two dozen names in the poll and got almost 1.5 million votes. Thousands left comments, debating the merits of Rick Ross, T.I. Joe Budden and Lil Wayne, as well as trumpeting some of the rappers not on the poll, like Wale, Tony Yayo and Maino.

The conversation is even more expansive and passionate than it has ever been. In addition to fans and artists chiming in on our Hottest list, athletes like Usain Bolt and Kevin Garnett and celebs like the cast of the upcoming film "Fame" have been chiming in. 50 Cent and Lloyd Banks took an initial lead in the poll, then Joe Budden rose up the ranking. Eminem's fans went to the polls in droves, catapulting Slim Shady to the top. Rick Ross has been surging too. It's not too late to help your pick leap to the top.

Once the poll is closed, the votes will be tallied and handed over to the MTV News Hip-Hop Brain Trust, who will convene this week at the roundtable and devise the official list of the top 10 Hottest MCs in the Game. (To see what it takes to make the list, check out our Hottest MCs criteria.)

The fan poll is meant to spark up debate and give the people a voice. For the first time ever, the fan's votes will be factored into the Brain Trust's initial voting. Our moderator, Sway, will represent your case. Prior to sitting down at the roundtable, the Brain Trust comes up with an initial top 10 list. Once at the roundtable, names on the top 10 can move up, move down or move off the list completely in favor of an MC whose name was on the bubble. On Tuesday, we will announce when the names on the Hottest MCs list will be revealed. Once again, thanks for your overwhelming participation thus far, and we look forward to your continued feedback once we start rolling out the top 10 list.