Rick Ross Says There's 'No Stopping' His Triple C's Crew

'It's one of the hottest mixtapes that's out right now,' Ross tells Mixtape Daily of Maybach Music 3: White Sand.

Could it be that Rick Ross will be the next one to get in the ring with Floyd "Money" Mayweather? The Bawse and the Triple C's went in pretty hard on the boxing champ last week with the video for "Go (War Remix)." A match probably won't happen. The 2009 Slick Rick has his crew together, and he and the boys are staying on the road and in the studio. This week, we hip you to their new mixtape, Maybach Music 3: White Sand. It's the alley-oop to what they are hoping is the slam dunk — Custom Cars & Cycles — which comes out close to Halloween. Ross won't stop recording. Look out for that new video for "Go" soon. They shot that down in Miami with the Birdman a couple of weeks back. C's up.

This Week's Main Pick

Street Kings: Triple C's (Rick Ross, Gunplay, Young Breed and Torch)

Holding It Down For: M.I. Yayo and the BX

Double Mixtape: Maybach Music 3: White Sand

Real Spit: How do you continue the momentum of making arguably the best album of the year? Rick Ross said his secret is to "simply continuing to make classic music."

"We feed the street that corner energy, that corner vibe. It's real big. We doing what we doing," Ross said.

The foursome release their debut group album, Custom Cars & Cycles, on October 27 with production from newcomers such as the Olympics and Transformers. The Game, Young Jeezy, Gucci Mane and Mack 10 also appear on the record.

"Gunplay, unorthodox energy," Ross said of his crew. "He's uncut. He'll jump off that roof. Torch is much more laid-back. He's much more technical with his flows. Breed is the projects, that's the gutter. He just wanna have on a pair of $150 shoes and show his teeth and bounce around and do it for the Dunk Ryders and the D-boys."

"I'm bringing that young gutter side," Breed smiled. "We just f---ing up some money, basically."

The CCCs just released Maybach Music 3: White Sand. It's a double disc with a DVD to go along with it. Be on point when you play "Thug Battlefield" with Jadakiss, "Throw It in the Sky" (remix) and "Aim," three of our favorites.

"White Sand, the title goes back to the hustling roots," Ross said. "You out in the jungle. You can't stop. No matter what you doing, you gotta act like you got everything on the line. It ain't no stopping us. It's one of the hottest mixtapes that's out right now."

Joints To Check For

» "Go" (featuring Birdman). "This record is on our album as well. The first single," Ross explained. "Triple C's been riding with the boy since day one. It's a green light. Triple C's got a green light to take the game over. It's a go. My big [brother], my homie Birdman is in. We taking it back to the group days with the Hot Boys. I feel that was the last group that took the South where we trying to take it to."

» "Illustrious." "The video, we had a good time making that one," the Bronx's own Torch said. " We had lobsters cooking out in front of us. We went out to sea and caught them, by the way, then they had them cooking for us. That was one of my favorite joints. Shout-out to Magazeen; he held us down in Jamaica."

» "Yak" (featuring Plies). "It's a real 'hood record, street record talking about the struggle," Gunplay said. "Throw a shot of cognac back and drown your problems."

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