Should Kanye West Lie Low After Taylor Swift VMA Incident?

We debate what 'Ye should do next, in Off the Dome.

Whether what you've done is good or bad, when you've had not one, but two presidents of the United States speak about you in one week, you've had an iconic moment. For Kanye West, this week has seen his name in headlines from the most mainstream of media outlets to little-known blogs. Interrupting Taylor Swift's moment at this year's MTV Video Music Awards has earned West more than a few cross words. The backlash has been heavy from celebrities and fans alike. West hasn't made any excuses and has apologized several times — but now we wonder: What comes next?

During his appearance on "The Jay Leno Show," West hinted that he may need some time outside of the spotlight. That break may not be coming anytime soon, though, as he has a tour scheduled with Lady Gaga kicking off in November. He also has a very high-profile video for the song "Forever" with Drake, Lil Wayne and Eminem coming soon. Then there's a record you may have heard of, called [news id="1619084"]"Run This Town"[/news] — Kanye is going to be around for a while, like it or not.

But speaking for myself and fellow MTV News Hip-Hop Brain Trust member Rahman Dukes, we feel that staying active may be West's best rehabilitation. Whether you love him or think he's arrogant, there is no denying that hip-hop and the entire music industry is better off with him in action. The guy makes classics. And before his emotional outburst at the VMAs, Kanye had one of the largest and most diverse fanbases in music. He thrilled Madison Square Garden when he came out as a surprise guest during Jay-Z's Answer the Call concert. So perhaps he does need to lay off of interviews and public appearances for a while, but Kanye cannot let his musical momentum slow down at all. He has to stay active and remind people why they fell in love with him despite his reputation: the genius music.