Randy Jackson Says Ellen DeGeneres Joining 'Idol' Is 'Gonna Be Hot!'

'She brings the voice of the people,' Jackson says of his new colleague on the 'American Idol' judging panel.

NEW YORK — Less than a day after news broke that Ellen DeGeneres will be joining "American Idol" as the show's fourth judge, one of her new colleagues has spoken out to MTV News about the development and welcomed DeGeneres onto the judges' panel.

"I think she brings the voice of the people," Randy Jackson said. "Sometimes when we judge, we hear ourselves talk and we're very inside the music."

On her talk show Thursday (September 10), DeGeneres made a similar point. "Hopefully, I'm the people's point of view, because I'm just like you," she said. "I sit at home and I watch it, and I don't have that technical [point of view]."

How will Ellen fare as the newest member of the team? Will she battle with Simon Cowell, as departed judge Paula Abdul often did over eight seasons? Jackson is confident everyone will get along.

"Of course!" he said. "We're friends of hers already, so she's good people."

Since Abdul left the show before the start of the ninth season, "Idol" has plucked a number of big name stars, like Katy Perry and Joe Jonas, to fill in during audition rounds. DeGeneres has been a die-hard fan of the show, and though she'll be a newbie behind the judges' table, Jackson maintains that "Idol" will be a comfortable venue for the comedian.

"I like to look at it like Ellen is coming home," Jackson said, adding, "Welcome home, Ellen! This is 'American Idol,' come on! It's her home. It's gonna be hot! We're gonna have a good time."

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