Pearl Jam's Mike McCready Praises The 'Phenomenal' Beatles

But he might not be so good at the just-released 'Beatles: Rock Band': 'I need to work on my skills.'

[artist id="1006"]Pearl Jam[/artist] already have several links to "Rock Band," as they have made their classic debut Ten available in its entirety as a playable download and will be dropping their forthcoming album Backspacer in the same fashion once it's released September 20. And though founding guitarist Mike McCready has played the game and is excited for the Wednesday (September 9) release of "The Beatles: Rock Band," he has a confession to make.

"I honestly grew up listening to the Stones more," McCready told MTV News at the Outside Lands Festival. "But that doesn't mean I don't love the Beatles."

McCready cited the band's harmonies as a musical development that really inspired him, and he also gave a nod to a classic piece of video. "The concert footage on the roof was probably something that was integral in my growing up."

The footage in question is the surprise show the Beatles gave in January 1969 that marked the end of the recording of Let It Be and ended up being the band's final public appearance together. McCready did learn one profound thing from the Beatles. "My manager says you never want to release anything against the Beatles, because they'll always win," he joked. "And they should, because they were phenomenal."

As for "Rock Band," McCready admitted he needs practice. "I play 'Rock Band' with my friends' kids, and they completely beat me senseless with it," he admitted. "I feel like I'm holding them back. I try to play the drums, and I just can't play the drums. I think I need to work on my skills."

But when Backspacer becomes available as a playable full-album download, McCready said players will be able to develop their skills on a few of his favorite tracks. "I would say try the solo on 'Amongst the Waves.' And just rock out to 'Gonna See My Friend.' That'll be fun to jump around to and play. Stomp as much as you possibly can. That's rock!"

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