Incubus Hope Kids Will 'Discover' The Beatles Through 'Rock Band'

Brandon Boyd recalls being 'fascinated by music' for the first time when he heard 'Strawberry Fields Forever.'

For some musicians, hearing [artist id="969"]the Beatles[/artist] for the first time inspired them to make music, write songs and start a band themselves. But for others, exposure to the Beatles represented the first real introduction to rock music. Such is the case with [artist id="1303"]Incubus[/artist] guitarist Mike Einziger, who cites a trip to Knot's Berry Farm as a formative experience.

"I saw Beatlemania, which was a lip-synch show with Beatles impersonators, when I was, like, 5," Einziger told MTV News backstage at the Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco. "I went home with my friend Andrew, and we strummed on broomsticks and my mom got us a Beatles album that I lip-synched to. That was probably the first time I liked a band, now that I'm really thinking about it."

Frontman Brandon Boyd had a similar experience in his youth, though for him the effect was not as clearly defined. " 'Strawberry Fields Forever' was a big moment in my childhood," Boyd said of the psychedelic track from 1967. "It was the first time I was fascinated by music. There are quite a few of their songs where I didn't understand why I was feeling like I was, but I would just go into it. I think I was too young to assume that I would want to make music. I just knew it had a magical reaction in me."

Einziger thinks "The Beatles: Rock Band" is an excellent addition both to the video game world and to the Beatles' legacy. "They really were very universally appealing," Einziger said. "They wrote music that as much as you wanted to get it out of your head, it was sort of stuck there. That's not easy to do. ['Rock Band'] is really fun, and a lot of young people are going to discover the music of the Beatles through video games, and I'm OK with that."

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