Ashlee Simpson Wants Heather Locklear Back On 'Melrose Place'

'Of course everyone would love for her to come back,' actress/singer says of show's original drama queen.

We've all heard that [artist id="1241636"]Ashlee Simpson[/artist] is headlining the CW's revamped "Melrose Place," but what everyone really wants to know is if prime time's ultimate bad girl, Heather Locklear, will be getting back in the Melrose pool anytime soon.

"That's the big question, but none of us know if she's going to come back or not," Simpson told MTV News about the new show, which premieres Tuesday. "I mean, of course everyone would love for her to come back, but we don't know. [It's] up in the air."

Even if the show's original drama queen doesn't return, Simpson promises plenty of new drama. "I had never watched the original 'Melrose Place,' " she revealed. "They had such a good vision for it, and it's a little bit grittier than the original and a little bit more cinematic. There's still good ol' drama, and I was really intrigued by my character."

And there will still be plenty of action going down in the pool. "It's a new apartment complex; it looks similar to the old one. [And we have the] swimming pool," she said. "We've all been in the pool."

Simpson's character, Violet Foster, might seem nice, but there's a lot more to the West Coast newbie.

"For me, Violet [has] such an arc," she explained. "I'm not quite hip to what's going on, but I'm looking for a family member and looking for love, and my character has a little bit of an obsession thing with people. She's a little bit creepy sometimes, but I don't think she means to be, so that part's fun. There is a little bit of heart even though it's dramatic."