Tokio Hotel Have Nightmares, See Boars Getting Wild In South Africa

German pop-rockers are filming a video for 'Automatic,' the first single from Humanoid.

Earlier this month, [artist id="2034673"]Tokio Hotel[/artist] headed to South Africa to film the video for "Automatic" (which you can hear an exclusive snippet of here), the first single from their hotly anticipated Humanoid album. And while they were there, things got weird.

In a video sent Wednesday (August 26) to MTV's Buzzworthy blog, the guys in TH — or, more specifically, frontman Bill Kaulitz and his brother (and guitarist) Tom — talk about their experiences on the South Africa, which included some seriously terrifying nightmares and a front-row seat for some sweaty boar-on-boar action.

"I had the worst night of my life. ... I always forget about it, because it's while I'm dreaming," Bill Kaulitz told his bandmates in one behind-the-scenes moment. "Usually, for the first couple of hours after I fall asleep, I have really vivid dreams, and after I sleep deeply. Yesterday, it took me so long to fall asleep, and lately weird things happen. ... I'm in this dozing state, and while that is happening, I was having inner-dialogues and telling myself, 'Oh, God, still not sleeping. ... Need to turn over and fall asleep fast, because I have to get up at 9 a.m. tomorrow morning.' But while I think about that, I'm actually asleep already."

Later, Tom joins in, regaling his band with a very graphic account of boar-mating he witnessed on set. "It was a fully grown boar. ... He jumped on her, and she got some pretty bad bruises on her back, because they have this curly tail," he laughed.

"First she wanted it, but then she changed her mind," Bill added.

"Yeah, she wanted to run away, but the boar just jumped back on her," Tom continued. "He really gave it to her."

As for the "Automatic" video, well, it looks epic, to say the least. Shot on the African plains, featuring muscle cars and helicopters and one glimmering metallic stage, it's clearly a very huge production — one worth all the nightmares and boar humping, we'd imagine.