Tokio Hotel Fans Go Wild For 'Automatic'

Most loved the exclusive snippet of the band's new single.

On Tuesday, MTV News posted an exclusive snippet of "Automatic," the first single off Tokio Hotel's much anticipated Humanoid album, and let's just say we've been pretty amazed by the reaction.

We always knew [artist id="2034673"]Tokio Hotel[/artist] fans were a dedicated bunch, but we never expected this. You guys showed up en masse to have a listen to 45-seconds of the band's new single, and you let us know what you thought of it too. We got comments from all over the world (more proof that TH truly are a global phenomenon), more than a few marriage proposals for the Kaulitz brothers, and a whole lot of takes on Tokio Hotel's new sound and look.

(We also got a great video response from a pair of super-excited Canadian sisters. Keep those submissions coming!)

In fact, it was all so overwhelming that we decided to share some of the best reactions with all of you. And if you still want to weigh in on Tokio Hotel's "Automatic," you can do it in the comments below. It's not too late to join the conversation!

"I think people weren't really taking the guys seriously when they said they wanted to go for a different sound. I'm actually happy that TH is changing it up a bit. It's refreshing." — Ta-Ti

"[It] gives me goose bumps, especially the German version. Soo good, I'm craving the video. People who can't feel it should just turn their speakers louder." — Sima

"I agree with lots of people that it is leaning towards the pop-y side, but I think the instruments make it a definite TH song. I think TH have this special way that they make their music. ... No matter how different it is from their other songs, you still know it's them. I thought Bill's vocals are really good and his English is definitely much better. The little techno addition to his vocals also enhances the vocal sound, and it makes his voice with the song even more positive." — Kittygirl09

"I've been waiting for so long for their new album, and when I heard just a bit of 'Automatic,' I was f---in' blown away! It's AMAZING in every way and I love, love, love how Bill is doing his vocals! So beautiful and creative, it took my breath away!" — BeMyHeavenTonightx3

"Bill's voice has this amazingly powerful quality to it. I'd definitely agree with the U2 and Coldplay and even the Angels & Airwaves comparisons. The music and flowing quality of the vocals and lyrics just seem to agree with that combination. Though, this is a lot more mainstream and poppy than I had anticipated. I'm much more a fan of their harder tracks. ... I guess the rest of the album will have something different to offer, but for now I'm very pleased with this." — Sami-Hikari

"I get butterflies in my stomach from listening to this, and I have listened to this song probably over 50 times now! It's soooo good! I'm so proud of the Kaulitz boys. How they make such an awesome song on a simple car ride. Amazing!" — Beanybudd

"Loving this article! I agree with the Coldplay comparison of the guitars — during the refrain of the word 'automatic,' the way the guitars rise and warble and sing so beautifully is very similar to a Coldplay sound relief. Which is basically AMAZING! Oh this song is going to be so good." — MidnightMonsoon

"I really like this, but it is more pop-ish than usual. But haven't they said that this song is really different from the rest and there's a lot of 'dark, anthem-y stuff'? I hope it's like a mix of stuff. But I still love this." — WhoLovesTHandTheKaulitzTwins?ME!!!

"With all the talk about their 'new sound' and the drastic change in their 'look,' we were a little worried that they wouldn't sound like TH anymore ... But they sound FANTASTIC! Bill sounds better than ever and we CAN'T WAIT to hear the rest of Humanoid!!!! Thanks so much,!!!!" — Elderhausgirlz