Tommy Lee Replaced On Tour After Injury

Sevendust's Morgan Rose will sit in for Mötley Crüe drummer, who burned his hand with a sparkler.

[artist id="1277"]Sevendust[/artist]'s Morgan Rose will sit in for [artist id="997"]Mötley Crüe[/artist] drummer Tommy Lee on the band's Crüe Fest Tour after the drummer burned his hand last week while playing with sparklers, according to Billboard.

Rose began subbing for Lee last Friday in Cincinatti, and appreciative Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx took to his MySpace page to say that Rose "came charging in like a knight in shining armor."

Lee hurt his left thumb and forefinger in the accident, but, with his hands in bandages, still managed to play piano for part of the show, on the songs "Home Sweet Home" and "Girls, Girls, Girls."

During a show on Saturday in Detroit, Lee told the crowd, "First of all, I suck. I was having fun and I burned myself."

In Sixx's MySpace message to his fans about the accident, he called Rose "the hero of the day." "Tommy messed up his hand pretty bad," the statement read. "Yes, accidents do happen, and yes, frustration does happen to everybody, including Tommy, who would rather play drums (even with a damaged hand) than just about anything in the whole world.

"But following doctor's orders for a few shows is what we have to do right now (or cancel shows). We all wanna say we're sorry Tommy has to sit out a couple shows, but we hope to have him back up on the drums ASAP ... I think Morgan needs a standing ovation for his dedication to kicking ass and helping not only Mötley Crüe out, but the road crew and everybody else out here whose lives would (have) been [affected] ... As for now, Mötley Crüe is a five-piece band — making history, one injury at a time."

No word yet on when Lee expects to be back behind the drum kit for the tour, which runs through September 2.