Fefe Dobson 'Impressed' With Miley Cyrus' Take On Her Song

She also liked Jordin Sparks' 'more R&B version' of one of her tracks.

Between her defunct sophomore album Sunday Love and the upcoming Joy, [artist id="1239307"]Fefe Dobson[/artist] has kept busy writing songs — for herself and some other familiar names.

"In between then [and now], I got to write for some other artists, which was cool, [like] Miley Cyrus and some others. That was fun!" she told MTV News. "That was fun, just to get to write. ... All those experiences really helped me create the best record, for sure."

And although she didn't get to actually hit the studio with Cyrus, she thinks what the singer/actress did with the song "Start all Over" for Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus was "great."

"I wrote a song, she dug it, and she sang it," Dobson explained. "But I didn't want it for my record. It just wasn't right for me, and I just felt like it was better for someone else, and she does a great job on it. I was really impressed. She sounded great. I'm actually happier she did it than I did it."

"American Idol" alum Jordin Sparks also nabbed a Dobson song, "Don't Let It Go to Your Head," and Fefe couldn't be more pleased that Jordin put her own twist on the track.

"Jordin Sparks just did [that song], which was on Sunday Love, which was very cool," she said. "She did kind of, like, a more R&B version of it, which I think is really nice, actually. It was really cool that she didn't try and do a rock version of it, and she did what she's more comfortable with, which I thought was awesome."