Exclusive: Mark Hoppus Says Blink-182 Will Tour Again ... In Europe

'All three of us have agreed to go over to Europe in the next year, so we're going to start planning that out,' he says.

Blink-182's reunion tour has been a runaway success, and not just because they've proven that they haven't lost a step.

No, it's the reaction they've gotten from fans, who have flocked to the shows en masse, selling out arenas across North America and snapping up merchandise with reckless abandon. To be honest, Blink are a little blown away by it all. See, when they first announced they were hitting the road again, they had no idea how fans would react — or even if they still had fans.

"When we booked this tour, we had no expectation of anything. We didn't know if people were going to come to the shows, if they weren't, if anybody still cared about Blink, for that matter," bassist Mark Hoppus laughed. "We knew some people were still excited about it. We were definitely excited about it, but, um, our booking agent was just, like, losing his mind for three months straight, booking this tour, and then tickets went on sale, and all these shows sold out in an hour, two hours, a day, and everyone's jaw dropped."

It's not much of a stretch to say Blink are having the time of their lives on tour — Hoppus described it as "a really great summer-camp celebration, with all your friends and really good vibes" — which is why they're in no hurry to end it. They've just added another show to the schedule (a massive October 4 gig at New York's legendary Madison Square Garden with Fall Out Boy), and they've already got their next move planned out too.

For the first time in nearly six years, they'll be touring Europe, Hoppus revealed to MTV News on Tuesday (August 11). Dates are still being hammered out, but Blink are most definitely heading back across the Atlantic in 2010.

"The rest of the year, with Blink-182? We will go and continue the recording the process, [and] something I can tell you that nobody else knows is that we are working out details of a European tour at some point, coming up," he said. "All three of us have agreed to go over to Europe in the next year, so we're going to start planning that out. ... It's going to be a busy rest of the year, for sure"