'G.I. Joe' Stars, Screenwriter Reveal Sequel Wishes

Sienna Miller dreams of Cobra Island, while scribe Stuart Beattie wants even more Joe foes.

The "G.I. Joe" name has existed for five decades, in numerous incarnations of television shows, movies and action figures. And if you thought this past weekend's [movie id="363653"]"Rise of Cobra"[/movie] was the final chapter, well, you know less than Shipwreck when his mind was wiped in the "There's No Place Like Springfield" episode of the '80s TV show. Recently, we caught up with the creative forces behind the summer blockbuster — and to a person, they were eager to wrap their kung-fu grip around a sequel.

"I would say that this movie is its own story, but the movie doesn't start with Destro in his mask; it doesn't start with Cobra Commander ruling everything, and it doesn't start where the established G.I. Joe lore starts," explained Stuart Beattie, the screenwriter of the first film. "It does set up all those things; it's the rise of cobra, so in that way, it could be thought of as a prequel. It's not the traditional Cobra vs. G.I. Joe that will certainly be in the second one."

"All of us have signed on to do future films," said Rachel Nichols, who brings the action figure Scarlett to full-size, bad-ass life in the movie. "And now we have to wait and see how this one performs. And if it performs to the level where we get to make another one, that's the best gift. Because that means a lot of people enjoyed it, and that's really what we made the film for."

The next question on every fanboy's lips is a simple one: Which characters in the enormous "Joe" universe will feature prominently in the sequel? First up are two beloved baddies that Beattie tried and failed to squeeze into "Rise of Cobra," but is determined to see on the screen: evil entrepreneurs Tomax and Xamot.

"I couldn't get them in there, and I really tried," Beattie revealed, saying he's a fan of the twin brothers who love fighting Joes as much as they do finishing each other's sentences. "Oh, God, I tried to get them."

In addition to the Crimson Guard leaders, Beattie told us that he also hopes to supplement Cobra Commander's forces with Zartan's evil biker gang. "I tried to get the Dreadnoks in there too," he said. "I also [wanted] Wild Bill and Shipwreck, but there were so many [people in my early drafts] that at a certain point, you don't want the movie to be three hours, and you can't service that many. As it is, I think [in 'Rise of Cobra'] I'm servicing about 14 or 15 characters.

"If we get to do two or three [movies]," Beattie said of his master plan, "we'll bring them in then."

Sienna Miller, who plays the evil Baroness in the film, has her sequel dreams set on a more selfish idea. "We're trying to push for Cobra Island, because we want to shoot the sequel on a beach," Miller said of herself and Nichols. "I could be the surfing Baroness. Actually, no. I should never have said that. Some people would love that."

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