Will Shyne Pick Up Where He Left Off?

Our hip-hop team speculates what's next for the former Bad Boy artist, in Off the Dome.

It looks like [artist id="610149"]Shyne[/artist] is coming home. After many [news id="1617784"]false release dates[/news] swirled around over the past few years, a judge has set October for Shyne's release from prison after serving eight years. Obviously, the first thing his fans can hope for is that Shyne finds peace and tranquility in his personal life while he gets acclimated back into society.

Then, there's his music career.

Before Shyne was incarcerated, the young Brooklyn rapper was one of hip-hop's blue-chip MCs: sharp lyrics, distinctive voice, a captivating presence, respect from his peers and a major powerhouse behind him, Bad Boy Records. Shyne left Bad Boy years ago to go to Def Jam (a company that was one of many to woo him for his first recording contract). Godfather Buried Alive was released on the label in 2004.

So what happens next for Shyne's career? Rahman Dukes and I contemplated Shyne's next move. Rahman feels that aligning with Jay-Z and Roc Nation is a can't-miss. Rah says the Brooklyn connection could be unbeatable, seeing that Jay's reach and influence is so vast.

I see it a little differently. While you cannot argue that anything associated with Young Hov will be successful, I'm thinking of Shyne partnering up with another heavyweight: Kanye West. Yes, Kanye.

Kanye is arguably the best producer in the game today. Shyne will have a helluva story to tell, he has the credibility and hopefully his flow will still be intact. Lyrically, he told me five years ago that he's written 10 albums in prison. All he needs are some beats. There's no producer in the game right now whose track will make a more beautiful marriage with Shyne's vocals. Me and Rahman also look forward to Just Blaze, Swizz Beatz and Cool & Dre working with Shyne if we had our wish — check out the video for the full conversation.

What do you think Shyne should do with his music career? Is hooking up with Kanye the right move? Sound off below!