New Boyz Challenge Chris Brown To A Jerkin' Competition

'I called you out, Chris Brown!' Ben J jokes.

Every so often, a new dance craze comes along to captivate the hearts and minds of people all over the world. Whether it's the Macarena or Soulja Boy Tell'em's Crank That, the dance becomes a staple at summer barbeques, prom dance floors and, in more recent years, on teenagers' YouTube videos.

And this year, that craze seems to be jerkin'. The dance originated out of Southern California and has spread across the country thanks in part to videos of kids doing it on the Internet. The most prominent proponents of jerkin' culture have been the [artist id="3192092"]New Boyz[/artist] with their song "You're a Jerk." The teen duo were fans of the movement and wanted to make it bigger.

"People were making jerkin' music, but nobody was like doing anything with it," Legacy said. "We wanted to make it worldwide."

So when the group saw a video of Chris Brown doing the dance, they took a little exception.

"I seen [artist id="1961441"]Chris Brown[/artist] jerkin' on YouTube, actually," Legacy said. "And it's crazy, 'cuz he's from Virginia, as everybody knows, so I'm like, 'He's always coming to California, getting a new dance.' "

He said that Brown previously came to California and took another SoCal dance, crumping (also spelled "krumping"), and ran with it; the choreography in Brown's early music videos show its influence. But Ben J said he didn't want the same thing to happen with jerkin,' and he challenged him to jerkin' battle — a jerk-off, if you must.

"I called you out, Chris Brown, that's what you wanted, dog!" he said. "I'm about to show you how the real California dudes jerk and where it started from."

However, the New Boyz said that there's no real beef. They said that they're about to make a song with Brown, and he's actually their friend.

"It's a friendly battle," Ben J said. "That's my boy! So I'm calling you out, Chris Brown, in front of all of the girls."

"It's going to be a biggest event ever," Ben boasted. "Ben J from the New Boyz, 'You're a Jerk, Chris Brown!', HBO pay-per-view," said Legacy. "It's not going to be on none of those shows, but it's still going to be the biggest event ever."